Salon Kids


Haircuts Price
1st Haircut Package
Includes haircut, personalized certificate, photo and lock of your child’s hair
Girls & Boys Haircut
Spray and haircut for kids 12 years & under
Additional charges apply for very long and/or curly hair
Girls & Boys Wash and Cut
Shampoo and haircut for kids 12 years & under
Shampoo, haircut & blow-dry
All services includes a sticker, lollipop and a fairy dust glitter star
Girls Salon Style Out
Shampoo, haircut & blow-out and style
All services includes a sticker, lollipop and a fairy dust glitter star
Boys Only Clipper Cut $18
Infant Trim/ Shape up $15
Teen Haircut
ages 13-18
$30 & up
Haircut for Mom $35 & up
Haircut for Dad $25 & up

Additional Services

Additional Services Price
Bang Trim $8
French Braid $10/$15
Intensive Detangle (starts at $15) $15 & up
Party Up-do (Princess Bun)
Quick party up do
Special Occasion Up-do
Price varies for requested style/design & hair length/texture
$35 & up
Flat Iron or Curling Iron
Add to haircut or blow-out
$15 & up
Shampoo & Blowout
Price varies and is adjusted for hair length/texture
Shampoo & Condition $10
Deep Conditioning Mask Treatment $10
Keratin Treatment
Stylist will give price during consultation

Color Services

Color Services Price
Touch up $45 & up
Face Framing Highlights  (8-10 foils) $50 & up
Partial Highlights / Low Lights $70 & up
Full Highlights / Low Lights $80 & up
Color Tips $50 & up

Braiding Services/Natural Hair Styles

Braiding Services/Natural Hair Styles Price
Trim (ends only) $15
Braid Take Down $15
Intensive Detangle (starts at $15) $15 & up
Deep Conditioning Mask Treatment $10
Hydrafuse  Intense Moisturizing Treatment
Reverses damage/restores protein moisture
Kerafuse Intense Strengthening Treatment
Fortifies and strengthens damaged hair
Shampoo & Blow-dry
Blowout to straighten (no flat iron)
$35 & up
Shampoo, Blow out & Style
Price for short style & is adjusted for shoulder length & mid back
$45 & up
Cornrows (straight back-large braids)
All Braiding services include shampoo, condition and blowout
Prices are for short styles and will be adjusted for hair length at shoulder & below and mid back
starts at $55
Cornrows with Design starts at $65
Two Strand Twist starts at $65
Manual Spiral Curls starts at $55
Box Part Individual Braids
Price increases to $120.00 for shoulder length, and $140.00 for mid back
starts at $95